The Medical Signal and Image Processing Laboratory – MEDISP is administrated by a faculty member of the Biosciences and Biomedical Informatics Division of the Department of Biomedical Engineering of the University of Western Attica, to which the Laboratory belongs to. The Director of the Laboratory is elected for a term of three years. In case of absence or impediment the Director is replaced from the senior faculty member.

The Director of the Laboratory has the following responsibilities:

  • The coordination of the teaching (undergraduate – postgraduate) and research work of the Laboratory
  • Submission to the Assembly of the Annual Work Program of the Laboratory.
  • Ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of the Laboratory, as well as staffing, financial management and distribution of Laboratory premises.
  • The submission of the annual and three-yearly report of the activities of the Laboratory.
  • Representation of the laboratory to the relevant bodies of the Department and the University in accordance with the prescribed internal regulations.
  • He ensures the financial management of the resources of the Laboratory.
  • He ensures the staffing of the Laboratory with the necessary staff, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable law, as well as the organization of research teams of scientific staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • He ensures the distribution of Laboratory spaces.
  • It recommends to the Department to supply the necessary equipment as well as consumables.
  • He signs any outgoing documentation related to the Laboratory and is generally responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the Laboratory.